Cooking with the locals in Grenada

Chicken Curry

~ Chicken Curry – Lemongrass is just one ingredient ~

Before we set sail in January our friends Bob and Steph (m/y September Song – gave me a book titled An Embarrassment of Mangoes. I absolutely love this book! It is written by a Canadian “newbie” sailor/cruiser, Ann Vanderhoof, about their first year of sailing to the Caribbean. Along the way Ann gets to know the locals, especially the women, and they share their recipes with her (which she shares in the book). I highly recommend the book – I keep it in the galley with my cookbooks. Anyway, when they sailed into Grenada Ann met a wonderful lady named Dingis. Dingis shared so much of her local knowledge, her family and her cooking skills with Ann, they became very dear friends. They have a wonderful story and Ann comes back every year to visit Dingis and her family.


Beautiful Island of Grenada

~ Beautiful Island of Grenada ~

Since we have been in Grenada we met a lot of other cruisers that have been here a while, here for the first time (like us), and some who return year after year. One evening about 9:30 I received a call from one of my new friends Diana. She offered an invitation that I couldn’t refuse! She said several cruisers were heading to Dingis’ house to learn how to make Chicken Roti – one of the ladies that had committed was not able to attend and would I like to join them. “Absolutely!” was my reply. Since we were at Grenada Marine on the hard and miles away from the location (not within reach by dinghy, walking or riding our bikes) I wasn’t sure how I would get there, but by all means I would! Jon was also invited. The men of the group were “jamming” while we were going to cook. Most of the other women’s husbands play the guitar and sing, Jon went along to listen.


Beausoleil - Getting a new bottom job!


~ Beausoleil – Getting a new bottom job – Not to worry, we didn’t paint her bottom yellow ~

We got up early and hiked up the hill to catch a local bus. We got off as close to the bay where we were to meet the other cruisers as possible. Still a long walk from the bus stop to where we were to meet and running a few mintues late I began to panic. All of the sudden this woman comes out of her house waving her arms and asking if I was one of the cruiser ladies that was going to learn to cook chicken roti. It was Dingis. She kissed me on both cheeks and gave me a big hug. My heart warmed to her immediately, I could see why Ann fell in love with her and her family as soon as they met. I looked up to see the rest of the group ascending upon the house. So glad the timing all worked out…


"The Ladies" - aka "The Roti Queens


~ The Ladies – aka “Roti Queens” ~

We had a wonderful day chopping vegetables, playing in the dough, cooking, eating, jamming, cleaning the mess we made and making new friends with Dingis, Carvelle (her niece), Gennel (her daughter), her beautiful grand daughter Belicia and their neighbor Raymond. I took notes and lot’s of pictures. I hope you enjoy them. If you come to visit us in the Caribbean I will try to make Chicken Roti for you…

For the full Chicken Roti recipe click here chicken-roti-grenada-west-indies-style.

The cruisers we shared this wonderful day with:
Barb and Stew (E.W.) from s/v La Luna:
Donna and Kirk from s/v Ainulindale:
Diana and Ross from s/v One White Tree

  • Staniel Cay, Bahamas
Cooking with Dingis

Grenada - Cooking with the locals

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