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There’s something special about cruising. It’s not just you and your boat out against the ocean. There are others out there, and as in the old days when one sailor helped another in need because he may someday need help, we help others when we can (and sometimes when we can’t!). We’ve made some lasting friendships from sailors we’ve helped and who’ve helped us. The help may be sometimes as simple as borrowing a tool or a dinner ingredient, or helping to troubleshoot radio, PC, or even engine problems.

Here are blogs of friends and cruisers we’ve met in our travels:

Our prior next door neighbors in Marblehead, Rick and Cindy, are sailing in Maine mostly these days – they sailed several seasons in the Caribbean. Their sailboat, Dragonfly, is a Catana 411 catamaran. Their blog is Skimming Along On Dragonfly.

We actually house-sat for Brian and Susan while they cruised the Bahamas during the 2007-2008 winter season on their Gozzard 36, Sogno. Their blog is called Buds @ Sea.

Shawna used to race with Jonathan Greene on Rick William’s Farr 37 Chariad.  She also has crewed on several deliveries with Jonathan.  Jonathan campaigns his own boat, a Jeanneau named Jeraboam, in many short-handed and single-handed races and has won quite a few! His blog is JayBirdDog.

We met Robert and Trish, a couple of Australians,  in Charleston SC. They sailed Bristol Rose, a beautiful Shannon 43, all the way back to Australia!  Their blog is Bristol Rose.

Jim sails a schooner named Gitana. His website is Sail Gitana. He offers charters, so check it out!!!

Paul and Sonya are a sailing couple on Event Horizon, formerly Faust – a regular in the Marblehead racing scene back in the day! They sail out of Newport, RI, but we met them in Key West. They have his and hers blogs: Event Horizon and Life Afloat.

Doug and Tammy are, um, power boaters – or as we “rag baggers” refer to as “stink potters“. They cruise a DeFever 49 called Gypsies in the Palace. Yes – they’re big Parrotheads!

A friend of our in Key West, Bob Olin, owns Sunluver, a Lagoon 440 catamaran. His website is Sunluver Charters.  Need a VRBO or want to go for a sunset sail in Key West, give Bob a shout!

Our dear friends Dave and Paula Norris own Bellissimo, a 75 foot Tarrab power yacht.  Both of us have spent a little time crewing for charters on Bellissimo, Shawna has been chef, first mate, hostess and even been on TV in a House Hunter Vacation episode, Jon has been first mate, engineer and “general swabby” (as Captain Ron would say).  We spent some time cruising with Bellissimo this season in the Bahamas.  Their new blog is www.herefishyfish.blogspot.com.

Of course we’ve met many more, but not everyone maintains their own website. We’ll be adding others over time to this list, we’re sure.

4 Responses to Fellow Cruisers’ Websites

  1. Gary & Lori says:

    Hey You Two! We are preparing to head south again toward Fort Myers around Sept. 15. Probably spend most of the winter there. Where may we cross paths?? We would love to hear from you guys and know how things are going. Call or write soon! 419-341-1556 or gary.milson@gmail.com
    Lori & Gary

  2. Molly says:

    Don’t forget Bellissimo!

  3. Trish says:

    Hi Jon and Shawna, Thanks for the mention here. Although we’re in Australia now, we plan to keep our Bristol Rose blog going with info about importing a boat into Australia and general sailing and travel info for anyone interested in Australia. Happy New Year! Trish & Robert

  4. neven says:

    Formosa 51 is a beautiful boat ! must have been a pleasure sailing and meeting new people… good luck !

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